Sinus Iridum - Knowledge from Confusion

Who are Sinus Iridum

A focused technology company that truly understands the dynamic challenges in Financial Services, but also speaks the language, has the experience to recognise the issues, appreciates the needs and most importantly, has a record of successfully delivering within the industry - with high multiples of ROI.

Sinus Iridum comprises a team of experienced electronics and information technology developers and programmers, corporate strategists and business professionals, all with a strong record of achievement and commitment, who have spent ten years developing and refining their flagship product, the Uncertainty Engine. Please refer to biographies elsewhere on this website.


The Uncertainty Engine has proved its capabilities in a number of arenas, notably genome analysis, drug discovery, data re-structuring and integration, fraud detection and business continuity sequencing, and in it's latest evolution, financial services

No need to tell you about the size and complexity of Financial Services businesses; the challenging competitive global environment; the constantly evolving regulatory/legal framework; client need demanding an intricate web of inter-related products and services or the challenges of managing such an entity.

From an operations point of view the challenges are significant as the inevitable change in one area holds consequences/opportunity for other areas, which in turn compounds matters further; a ripple effect that severely inhibits management overview and strategic planning. Management Information Systems strain to cope as they are all too often fed by multiple and disparate asset class sources providing retrospective snapshot views often resulting in recursive fire fighting.

It has been described to us a bit like bowling a ball down a lane in a bowling alley with a curtain in front of the pins...

This need not be the case.

As the Uncertainty Engine is continually 'learning' from new data input, its results should be imagined as a rolling 'motion picture' rather than the traditional 'snapshot' format. It can simultaneously correlate data from operations(at individual trader level), customer segmentation, and risk/compliance silos to produce immediate MI to assist corporate governance.

The Uncertainty Engine system is as flexible as the need. It can operate as an island of automation within one asset class or targeted area right up to straddling what would then look like a unified entity.

It can provide a dynamic and powerful real time 'what if' capability to predict outcomes by accurately mapping change - macro/micro: internal/external and can provide the MIS with an ever evolving hierarchical view that truly charts the business and provides proactive insight for management.

Size, complexity and change is not an issue for the UE; massive data volumes, under-utilised & disparate data assets, inter-related platforms and a unified view are only barriers for traditional systems.