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How does the UE approach differ and why does it matter?

The UE requires no pre-conceived rules for pattern matching. Imagine the challenge of creating rules to apply for every eventuality, all of which change as does the landscape. The millions of rules held in libraries of past experience become largely irrelevant as circumstance is rarely repeated. The UE simply points toward patterns that 'might be of interest' or 'what you should know about'.

Why does it matter?

From a hunter's perspective, either question could be vital as "big rabbits" are potentially very exciting news indeed; especially if there are no direct match rabbits to be seen.

What are the first steps?

Like all next generation technology, the proof is in delivery. The UE has already been successful in performing a wide variety of tasks for clients, all of which came from direct experience 'word of mouth' plus a client with an idea or problem "could the engine do...?"

Although it is very likely that the Sinus team will be able draw from a parallel experience, the first stage is (and always should be) a proof of concept (POC) - typically up to three months.

As the POC unfolds, it is our experience that excitement always grows as imaginations, too long restricted by technological constraint, see possibility and opportunity. Every business holds a wealth of information in its data, waiting to be unlocked and acted upon to create value, direction and protection; a POC is a simple first step in unlocking that value and realising corporate ambition previously thought unobtainable.

Has to be well worth investing a small amount of time exploring the possibilities for your business. or 0207 078 4185 starts the process.

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